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I’ve always known I’m a person. I’ve also always known that writing in more than one subject area or genre is not a bad thing. What I haven’t always known it how to bring this all together to be an identifiable whole – a brand, if you will. After many years of work, it’s definitely time to address this issue. 

My current thinking is that my main Web site – or landing site – should be the one with the url that is my name. When someone searches for me, that will come up and when they go there, they will find links to the rest of my writing. I write science and technology pieces and books for children and adults. I also write business articles. I also write books for children, as well as science and technology books for a lay audience. And I write for several genres of periodicals. All-in-all, it’s a lot to cover and I want to cover it in a way that shows readers I have serious work in each of these areas.

The plan is to have a site with a header, a bio space below the header, and five blocks running horizontally below that. The blocks would take the visitor to sci/tech, business, clips, books, and a contact form. I haven’t found anything with five blocks yet, so it may be four. I’m not sure what you call those blocks, so I’m not sure how to search for them in a template. Then again, I’m just getting started.

How about you? How are you organizing your clips and material on your site? What do you have on your business card? How did you decide what to do with Social Media – assuming you’re doing anything at all?

I look forward to hearing what’s worked for you.


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