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Social Media Maven? Me?

I am not a person who ran to embrace social media. In fact, my very favorite social media cartoon is the one right here. Still, I know when it’s time to join the crowd in order to reach the crowd.

Social Media

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Viewing Myself as a Brand

I’ve always known I’m a person. I’ve also always known that writing in more than one subject area or genre is not a bad thing. What I haven’t always known it how to bring this all together to be an identifiable whole – a brand, if you will. After many years of work, it’s definitely time to address this issue.  Continue reading


Hits to Followers?


I have two blogs that contain science content. One is directly related to my book about scale model testing and fluid dynamics: Fluids in Motion. The other has general science information on a variety of topics: Synthesis.

Hits on Fluids in MotionSince my book, Modeling Ships and Space Craft: The Science and Art of Mastering the Oceans and Sky, was released by Springer in October, I have had hits on my blogs from all over the world! It’s very exciting. It’s also marvelous to know someone is actually reading my blog.

The thing is, while I’m getting a lot of hits, I’m not getting a lot of followers.

My question to you is twofold:

1. Does it matter that they are not following the blog?

2. How do I convert hits to follows?

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Author Page on Amazon

I just created my Author Page on  It was easy and — to tell you the truth — sort of fun!  Assuming I’ve done everything correctly, this post will show up on the page sometime in the near future.  We’ll see!


It’s all in the works at this url: