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I have dabbled in the world of Facebook, flirted in the direction of Twitter, dipped a toe in the boards on Pinterest, and created an Instagram account for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with my kids. My newest venture calls for me to become something of a Social Media Maven. To say this has never been a cherished desire is to put it mildly. But – especially given that I had no choice – I’ve dived in and surfaced to report that it’s not so bad.

The secret to my success so far is the targeted post. With this I pay some amount of money that depends upon the reach I want for my post to appear in a specific place and/or age group with specified interests. I was skeptical that this would really make a difference. It did. I’m now in love with targeted posts, which, I’m sure, is a major money maker for Facebook and Twitter. That’s okay. It’s a relatively inexpensive way for me to reach the people I want.

My biggest task now is to create a compelling call to action. That’s not so tough. I mean, I’m a writer. Couple it with an eye-catching image of some type and – voila! Contact made. Action taken. It’s all good.

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