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UDEMY Classes

Graphite pencils in basket isolated on white backgroundMy first online writing classes will be offered on Udemy in February. These classes are intended to get you going with confidence. They will be free overviews of topics of interest to writers who are getting started. The next round of classes will be more geared to those who have the basics down and need more advanced work on craft.  These more advanced classes will not be free, but before you take one of them you will have the opportunity to decide which genre fits you and what you need, before paying for a workshop that just doesn’t do it.

I’m an experienced writing teacher, freelance writer, and published author. My interest are in narrative nonfiction, science fiction, mystery, spy stuff, and children’s fiction. I’m excited to bring you classes about finding your genre, focusing on a niches, finding an agent, writing a book proposal … If it relates to the business of writing, the craft of writing, or the pure joy of putting words to paper, you’ll find a class for you.

There will be more info coming in the next few weeks.

I look forward to working with you!



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Starting on the Freelance Life

So you’re ready to freelance. The only problem is, how to start? Life would be better with a plan! Our free Guide to the Freelance Writing Life. It lays out the things you need to consider and the steps you need to take to optimize your chances of success. Lightning does strike somewhere every day. That doesn’t mean you can expect it to happen when and where you want.

Click here for your copy!



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Ready for the Freelance Life

It’s pretty appealing. You write all day. You’re your own boss. You can work from anywhere…

The Freelance Life.

When it works well, it’s phenomenal, but it doesn’t work at all without putting some skin in the game up front. Skin in the game as in planning and preparing for the leap to freelance living.

As a writing coach and small business consultant, I’ve worked with scores of wannabe freelancers. The time they’ve taken to plan their entry into the freelance world has paid off handsomely. These writers have a realistic idea of what to expect, a workable plan to get them to where they want to be, and the confidence to hit the ground running.

The next Writing Plan Class starts May 21st. 


Success in 2018 – Leslie Siddeley

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Leslie Siddeley's narrative nonfiction piece, Storms and Memory on Ocracoke Island1

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Write that Sci-Fi Novel in 2018

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Early Bird Discounted Rate: SFW Sci-Fi Novel Basics Six-Week Workshop


You know you want to write that sci-fi novel. The one that’s been knocking around inside your head forever. All you need is a boost and a shove.

Take the plunge with the SFW Sci-Fi Novel Basics Six-Week Workshop.
Starts Jan 8th. Materials posted on Mondays by 3pm. Assignments due Fridays by 10pm. Communication during the week.

In six-weeks, we’ll look to classic and modern works for discussion of:

There will be online-lectures available on your schedule, as well as the opportunity to post and discuss your questions.

Each week there will be an assignment that goes with the discussion. You’ll receive feedback on your work. You can also submit 2,500 words for review and comment.

The books we use will include classics by Asimov and Bradbury, as well as the latest Nebula Award winners.

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Early Bird Discounted Rate: SFW Sci-Fi Novel Basics Six-Week Workshop