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Verducci: Steroid Use

It’s Friday! My day for sports posts here on SFW! This week — STEROIDS

I am personally very grateful that I don’t get the Oprah Network. If I did, I would most likely have had a stroke when Lying Lance proclaimed that the definition of cheating is something that gives you an advantage. Since “everyone else was doing it,” he wasn’t cheating. Then again, if I had one minute added on to my life for every time I have told my kids that “everyone else is doing it” means squat in this house, I might just have been able to survive that moment.

Tom Verducci was one of the first to cover steroid use in baseball. He has also been consistently against steroid use, being very clear that he considers it cheating. It’s pretty obvious that I also consider it cheating. And as a parent with kids in sports, it concerns me that the records they are trying to live up to are records that have been attained by using substances that are unhealthy, but I digress.

Here’s a link to a recent Verducci piece on steroid use in baseball: To Cheat or Not to Cheat.

So – Do you think testing is going to make a difference? Do you think using steroids is cheating?

I’d really like to know your opinion.

Next up: Some other sportswriters to check out.

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Verducci: Mariano Rivera

SI Rivera CoverI love long form narrative. I love to read it. I love to write it.

I love sports – especially baseball. Especially pitchers. Mariano Rivera is one of my all-time favorites.

I love Tom Verducci – the finest sportswriter today. Hands down.

So – Here is a link to an unbelievable piece about Rivera by Verducci.

What could be better for the day after Valentines?

(Next Friday – A new sports post!)

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Baseball Writers Have Balls

Lying RogerSo evidently Roger Clemens is a cheating liar. Thanks a lot, Roger.

It was bad enough when Clemens went from the Sox to the Yankees. But as for cheating? Can I just say that I was satisfied with the explanation that his longevity was due to the fact that he put Ben Gay in his cup. That would certainly be enough to push me to extraordinary accomplishments year after year!

I applaud the baseball writers – Love You Verducci! – for refusing to vote the newly eligible players into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Not only do I have zero interest in the records set by guys who cheated, I have no intention of shelling out my hard-earned money to take my kids to ballparks to watch cheaters play a game I’ve loved since I was a little girl.