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Safari 5.1 Reading List

I’m a reluctant recruit to Apple. I went over to the dark side several years ago when Scrivener was only offered on that platform. The benefits from Scrivener alone were worth the trip. My gorgeous desktop iMac is another. And now, I’m delighted to have a third reason for being on a Mac.

The newest version of Safari is necessary for my WordPress blog and so, not very enthusiastically, I upgraded. To my delight, there is a new feature called the Reading List. This little puppy takes care of one of the most vexing problems of our time: How to keep track of things you want to read online but don’t have time to read immediately. Believe me, I’ve tried making a special Bookmark folder for those items, putting them on the Bookmark bar, etc. Ultimately I’ve wound up with a tremendous amount of clutter and many things unread that I really wanted to read.

With this new Reading List feature, I just add them the way I would add them to my Bookmarks Bar and voila! They’re there and I can view them all or just the ones that are unread. I can also clear the list when I want to.

I’m a firm believer that software/apps should make our lives easier rather than more encumbered.  For me, the Reading List is an instant hit!