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Why I Write

It’s nearly time for a series of guest posts about why writers write. I’m looking forward to reading what my guests have to say! I’ll go first.

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I write because when I don’t write, I’m miserable. I feel like I’m out of touch with something important. Sometimes I can get by, by reading a lot, but not for long. I write nonfiction because I love learning something new and turning it into material another person will want to read. I write about science and health because they are topics with unlimited possibility. There is always something new being discovered, developed, or imagined.

I write about physics because it turns out that the topics that are of greatest interest to me are physics-related. From the aerodynamics of a baseball in flight to the use of models to predict the performance of full-scale vessels, physics is fundamental to the things that make me wonder.

So… I write because it’s a necessity–in a good way. I write nonfiction because there is a discipline and craft to turning facts into readable narrative that I find compelling. I write about science because there is so much I want to know.

Why do you write?