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The Right Pen

Real Simple recently had a piece about pens.  I read it with interest because the right pen makes a world of difference to me.  The Real Simple article included pens in categories from gel to superfine. I agreed completely with their assessment of the Flair Felt Tip.

Still, my hands down favorite pen du jour is the Lamy Al-Star Rollerball.  I can get them locally or online, along with a lot of other amazing writer-stuff, at Fahrney’s Pens.  I can also get them online from Levenger.

The Lamy comes in plastic or metal.  The metal is a bit slicker in the hand but the plastic edges are a bit harder against the sides of the fingers.  I prefer the metal but a tiny bit.

The rollerball is flawless.  It’s not fine point but the resulting writing is not thick and it doesn’t leave blotches or drips.

The pen just feels good.

I also love the Sharpie-Fine Point pens.  The only drawback to them is that if one of your kids gets hold of it with a heavy hand, the point is ruined in a blink.  Ditto if it gets dropped on the floor without the cap on.

So – What about you?  If you were stranded on a desert island, which pen would you consider a must-have? Leave a comment and I’ll take the answers and create a poll 🙂