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My book came out in October and it’s been a scramble ever since. I’ve never promoted a book. Even though I’ve read what others have done to promote their books, I still wasn’t sure where to begin. I started doing anything that would attract my attention and – voila – I’m getting a mention here and there. My press release goes out tomorrow. My website is ready. My general science blog, Synthesis, is ready. My fluid dynamics blog, Fluid Dynamics in Action, is all set. I’ve tried to create a meaningful Facebook presence – sorry to everyone who has been pestered with unintended emails today!!!!!

Now all I can do is see what happens next!

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“The Book” is Due Monday

No more time.  No more, one more thing.  No more, I just remembered.

My book is due to my editor on Monday.  With endnotes and bibliography.  With illustrations and diagrams.

It’s terrifying and exhilarating.  Terrifying because this was my first book and there are sooooooo many things I’d do differently that it leaves me hoping I got it all right this time.  Exhilarating because on Tuesday I will awaken to a schedule with no long-term project waiting for attention.

In the process of writing this book, I have fallen utterly in love with the history of technology as it played out at the start of the twentieth century.  Who could have known?  I certainly had no idea how thrilling it would be to discover words written so long ago and to find them full of emotion that I have the privilege of putting in context and bringing forward to a new generation.

As a mother I know I touch the future.  As a writer I choose to touch the past.  Introducing the latter to the former is the greatest reason for being a writer that I can articulate.

How about you?  What do you write?  Why do you write?