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Chasing the Deadline

The past three days have been a complete scramble, mostly because I’ve been sick. Usually when I’m sick, I work anyway. This time I’ve been sick enough that I can’t think straight. Not a good thing in a writer and certainly not part of my plan for the week.

As a freelance writer, it doesn’t much matter whether or not I’m sick. I have deadlines to meet. I also don’t have a job with sick pay or sick time. But let’s face it, when I did have jobs like that, I had deadlines and bosses who didn’t want me missing deadlines. So pretty much it’s a myth that when you are full-time you take sick days!

I also know I want to keep my clients. Some of them I have good enough relationships with that I can get an extension. Some of them I just started working with don’t know well. It’s all part of the juggling act of working for yourself.

So. Deadlines to meet. A throbbing head. But if I can type this, I can type what I need for them, too.

Time to get to work!