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Redirecting Your WordPress Blog

I admit it. Sometimes, after I’ve started something, a better idea comes along. The choice is to wait until I’ve thought of the ideal name or thing – oh, wait. That’s what I thought I did – or get going with what I’ve got. The penalty of starting and changing your mind can be excessive…

The last time I needed to switch my blog to a new url it was a nightmare. I honestly don’t want to think about it, let alone describe it in detail. THIS time I decided I needed a different name for my fluid dynamics blog – I had Fluid Dynamics in Action as the name because it was about fluid dynamic principles in action. It seemed to anyone interested in fluid dynamics that I was simply not aware that fluid dynamics is the study of fluids in motion.

Anyway. I wanted to change the url for my blog from FluidDynamicsInAction to FluidsInMotion.

All I needed to do was redirect the traffic from the first url to the second. It costs $13 per year and took about three minutes to do. Imagine my delight to discover all my content and formatting is now at the new url!

Yes! So you can go to and you’ll wind up at If you go to you’ll wind up there, too.

Oh. Happy, happy, happy day!

If you need to make a change between WordPress urls or even a complete change in domains, this will walk you through it.