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Trello to the Rescue

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Trello is my newest, hopefully enduring, writing tool. It’s a tool for teams, although I’m finding it very useful for my individual work. Basically, it organizes projects into boards. Looking at a board, you can tell everything you need about your work. The trick is in how you set it up. 

My master Trello board has several boards. One is shared with a client. One is shared with a collaborator on a project. Two are for my own use.

Trello Boards 01

When I click on one of these boards, it reveals a board beneath it that is specific to that topic. This is what I find when I click on Freelance Writing.

Freelance Board 01

Each of these cards then has whatever I choose to associate with that card. In this instance, I’ve used Power-Ups Google Drive to create and attach a file named Sample Card. Once I click on Edit in Google Docs, I’m good to go. Whatever I enter will be saved in the document.

Sample Card

In the same way, I can create any other sort of Google document type and have it attached to the card. When I want to edit the doc, I just go into the document on the card.

Google Choices

I have a partner who could manage an empire from a card table with an index card. Not so the case with me. With Trello, I’ve been able to organize my workflow for projects. I can see what’s going on at a glance.

I know there are other products that can do this – or portions of this. Among them are Scrivener (which I use for other purposes) and Endnote (which I use for other purposes), to name two. For me, using Trello as the interface to my Google Drive has actually made my life simpler and my writing time more productive.

Check it out!

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