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I’m beginning a series of posts that will cover writing nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and long form narrative; finding a topic; uncovering the story in your notes; the craft of nonfiction; and topics related to writing nonfiction.

The posts will be based upon my study and experience in this exciting – yes, exciting! – area of writing. It will also be based upon the feedback and questions I’ve received from my students in the workshops I teach at The Writer’s Center, as well as in the writing classes and webinars I offer online.

I’ll make the post titles descriptive, as well as the tags, so you’ll be able to tell and find the posts that interest you. If you have any questions, or comments, or just want to weigh in, please use this form. Thanks! ~Gina

2 thoughts on “Series: Writing Nonfiction

  1. Fiction or not, if the topic is interesting I will reading. However writing nonfiction seems like a torment, not being able to make things turn out as you want them, not being able to create something.

    • I know it seems like it MUST be that way, but I think that being able to pique someone’s interest in a factual event is a lot of fun.

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