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Perhaps you’ll feel my pain. I spent the entire – yes entire – day tracking down permissions and licenses for the images I need for my book. Why? Because I didn’t do a thorough job the first time through. I will NEVER do it this way again.

I’ve finally come up with a sort of system. It’s redundant and inefficient, but it will ensure nothing slips through any imaginable crack – and some unimaginable, too. It’s times like this when I really wish I could just step inside my computer, push what I want around to where I want it, wave a wand and make copies, and then have it generate a Table of entities all by itself. <sigh> (If I were with Aurora, she could do it in a wink!)

Okay. Tomorrow I need to do some more writing and grab a few – yes, a few – more images. Then I can wrap this up and hit the lovely SEND button. That’s seriously my favorite part!

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