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TheJuggle_sThe fantasy of the freelance life is that you are your own boss, free to call the shots, work as you like, and pick the assignments that suit your interests. All of that is true when the economy is booming and there’s a lot of work to be had. When things are tight, it’s a bit more frantic with a lot less choice.

Good times or bad, you are not an employee. The bad news about that is that when things crop up in life, your clients have no real investment in you. You also have not accrued vacation time or sick time with them. There is usually no one to step in and cover for you in a jam because you are it.

Everyone has a “juggle.” I have kids who are my juggle. Some people have elderly parents or other obligations. You know the type of obligations I mean. The type that can’t be pushed aside to a different day or another time. The type that needs your – and only your – full attention NOW.

So here’s the question: How do you manage the juggle? How do you fulfill your obligations all around while doing your best for everyone involved?

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