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Has anyone else noticed that writers don’t just write any more? Maybe they never did, but I distinctly remember not doing a lot of what I now do when I first started freelancing. What am I talking about? This whole social media – presence thing.

In the past two weeks I have created a podcast, burned a feed, submitted the podcast to iTunes, pleaded with them to help me switch to a different feed, tweaked the feed, and seen it all appear in iTunes – pretty much as I’d envisioned it.

I’ve also edited a video from when I was on the news a few years ago, tweaked the audio, uploaded the video to my YouTube account/channel, and embedded the video in blog posts.

Today I fiddled with adding narrative to an automated scrapbook while making the images stay in view for the length of time needed, while also deciding on the order of the images to tell the story I wanted to tell.

I also drew a few pictures for my blog – using a tablet which for me is sort of like trying to write underwater while looking into a mirror.

My point? None of this has anything to do with writing. Well, okay, the things I said in the podcast and narration had a script of sorts, but mostly because I was too nervous to just talk. So – that means that in the past three weeks I’ve tamed GarageBand, iMovie, iTunes, WordPress, and YouTube. I am also the proud owner of a Blue Yeti microphone.

This has all used a side or part of my brain that actually hurts at the moment. So what am I saying? I took very careful notes so that if and when I need to do any of this again, I will know what to do!

Do I believe that?

Not for a moment.

I’m sure they’ll release a new version or upgrade of some sort in the meantime!

Happy writing!


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