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Lying Lance

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Lying LanceSo Lance Armstrong lied. The dreary weather matches my dreary mood. It’s not even that he used whatever he used. It’s almost not even that he had a fairly elaborate system in place to do what he did. It’s that he lied. Repeatedly.

I know. As an adult, I’m supposed to be ready for people to lie. It’s not supposed to shock me. But it does. And since I take it personally, it disappoints me, too. I honestly expect that once someone is caught cheating, that person will step up and admit it.

With Armstrong it’s even worse. Not only did he choose to lie – casting aspersions on others along the way. He waited to come clean until he wanted something else badly enough to make admitting he cheated a priority for him. To me, that makes his admission worth about – I don’t know – exactly zip?

So Lance is a fraud. A big lying fraud. Thanks a lot, Lance.

And now Lance wants to compete in other sports. Nice try.

I will not waste one second watching Lance Armstrong compete. Ever. Again. Under any circumstances.

Believe me when I tell you, I’m not lying.

(Read the ArmstrongDopingReport for yourself!)

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